Production Zinc-alloy - ZAMAK - Die-casting

Zinc-alloy - ZAMAK - Die-casting

Die-casting foundry of HOBES Slovakia, s.r.o., produces wide range of technical zinc-alloy (zamak) castings for various branches of industry - automotive, furniture etc. Based on your requirements our production engineers, quality controllers and production staff will prepare full optimal process of die-casting which will enable to manufacture your products in required quality at acceptable price effectively.

Tlakové odlievanie zinku - ZAMAK

In next stage we can produce for you optimal dies, die-cast and deliver the required parts. We own wide range of casting machines and machine tools therefore we can quickly react to your requirements for production of various castings, different in sizes and production series that may require post-casting machining. If surface treatment of your parts is required it is only natural we shall provide it.

Our main advantage is flexibility and excellent quality at acceptable price.

DepartmentMachine type
Department of Equipment List1x solid edge
Die Casting2x LS3 – Zinc Hot Chamber Stroj union
 1x DAW5 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 1x DAW 20 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 1x DAW 80 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 1x DC30 - Zinc Hot Chamber LK Machinery
 1x OLZ55 - Zinc Hot Chamber Oleopress
 2x ZNT66 - Zinc Hot Chamber Techmire
 1x CLTA63 - Zinc Hot Chamber Del Casting
 1x IDRA80 - Zinc Hot Chamber Idra
 1x DC88 - Zinc Hot Chamber LK Machinery
 1x OLZ120 - Zinc Hot Chamber Oleopress
 1x DAW125 - Zinc Hot Chamber Frech
 2x DC130 - Zinc Hot Chamber – LK Machinery
 1x baby plast 6/10P – plastic injection
Die Casting Ancillary1x Automatic feeding machine Stroj union
Die Casting ProcessDie Casting Process Equipment
 3x Oil Recirculating Units: Die Cooling/Heating
Melting Department1x furnace 150 kg Zn /h + zinc pump + ingots moulds
Trim Department1x IDRA 120kN - hydraulic press
 1x EBU 5 - excenter press
 1x MABU - excenter press
 2x HARE 5 BS - hydraulic press
Machining Department1x HV30 –drilling machine
 1x B17 drilling machine
 1x HOB – 01 –tapping
 1x HOB – 02 –tapping
 1x THEISEN special purpose
 1x special purpose 296.135
 1x special purpose 296.2xx
Finishing Department1x GG-40 - shot blasting machine
 1x ROSLER R220EC –tumble grinding
 1x ESPIRAL A350 – tumble grinding
 3x OS3A - barelling
 1x TRS 571-2 - annealing furnace
 2x GUDE/BOW –abrasive-band grinding machine
Quality Deparment 
Assembly Department1x KOVOPOL NJ-6 - riveting machine
 1x pneumatic screwdriver
 1x special purpose pneumatic assembly machine
Tool Room1x ECOSON - ultrasonic cleanerd
 1x SUI 32 - lathe
 1x FUS 22 - milling machine
 1x BRH – 20.02 - grinding machine
 1x BHU 25 - grinding machine
 1x hand tools for tool polishing
Number of Machines
Clamping force rang3 - 130t
Casting weights3 - 500g
Die Sizes80 x 160 x 80mm až 620 x 620 x 500mm
Castings forautomotive, furniture, electrotechnic, industrial utensils



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