Services Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Certification : STN EN ISO 9001 : 2016 / EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Department of technical control in workflow optimization and production processes ensures :

  • Customer's content data collection
  • Evaluation of reliability of processes - SPC
  • Customer's complaints analysis
  • A failure modes and effects analysis - FMEA
  • Production part approval process - PPAP
  • Products quality in serial supplies
  • Elaboration of quality assurance agreements
  • Execution of metrological activities

Measurement equipment

  • 3D measurement device
  • profile projector - optical device
  • Scales - density measurement device
  • Tensile strength testing machine
  • other calibrated gauges (callipers, inside callipers, micrometers, testing gauges) for key parameters measurement

Quality inspection

  • Input inspection of purchased parts
  • Inter-operation inspection of the first piece at each production process start.
  • Inter-operation inspection of the last piece at each production process end.
  • Key parameters SPC
  • Output quality inspection of produced pieces


Quality Inspection