Our high-qualified, creative engineers provide assistance to our customers and future customers with price offers, dies development and manufacture. They act as project developers cooperating with production, quality control and sales.

This combination enables development of functional, practical design of tools and improve quality and effectiveness in all phases of engineering and production.

Dies design

HOBES will propose you a concept of tools with characteristics that combine long-life of dies and parts with permanent reliable quality.
We help with design and have a network of highly qualified dies' suppliers.
We are always open for discussions with our customers on their requirements and our contribution to increase of their competition advantage. 

Zinc and its advantages

Die-casting from zinc-alloy (zamak) is a method of precision casting and it is the most approximate to an ideal - direct change of raw-material to final product.

Die-castings can be characterised by comparatively high precision. They have smooth surface, thin walls and very good mechanical characteristics. They require only a little amount of after-casting machining and in many cases can be used directly after casting.

Die-casting means the way of casting during which the molten zinc (410˚C) is injected into a metal die by piston movement. Production time of casting is from 4 to 15 seconds, depending on casting weight. So it is very effective way of production. The waste material that arises during casting (sprues and gates system) is recyclable directly during production.

Parts made of zinc-alloys are resistant against atmospheric influence (do not corrode) and are stable on the air.

This is the reason why zinc die-castings are used at production of building and furniture fittings, in automotive industry, household appliances industry ...

What we do

We have three main production programmes: mortise door locks, zinc-alloy die-casting and stainless steel garden furniture.